Somatic Tratata: rhythm, rapture and romance + FOLKDANCE PARTY 
Hannah Shakti Bühler & Simon Mayer

Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Wartburg

Fri. 17.11. I 8.30 pm 

Duration: 50 min. + FOLKDANCE PARTY

Tickets: 17€/ 9€

Teaser (via Vimeo)

Tra–ta–ta, Ta-ta-ta / Tra–ta–ta, Ta-ta-ta / Tra–ta–ta, Ta-ta-ta / Tra–ta–ta, Ta-ta-ta ,…“ breathing, voice and movement:” these are the three key elements of Hannah Shakti Bühler and Simon Mayer’s piece Sonic Tratata. The repeating rhythms of the southern Italian pizzica tarantata meet alpine folk dances and pop culture: this is a dance concert of animated breathing, vibrations and affects, that re-evaluates the dynamics of heteronormative coupledom and gender roles. In a frenzied and humorous duet, the performers playfully explore and test each other’s boundaries.

Hannah Shakti Bühler and Simon Mayer have previously devised choreographic works and research projects focussing on the individual and the community. In Somatic Tratata they now turn their attention to power relations in the context of traditional dances for couples. Here they have been inspired by the work of Terrence Real (Relational Couple Life Therapy), Betty Martins (The Wheel of Consent), Corine Sombrun (TranceScienceInstitute) and Karoline Wibmer. By challenging heteronormative forms, Somatic Tratata proposes a new tradition of dances for couples. At the end of the piece Bühler and Mayer will return to their artistic roots and invite the audience to a FOLK DANCE PARTY where they can experience the art and power of celebration as the origin of many traditional dances on a compered folk dancefloor. 

Choreography & Performance: Hannah Shakti Bühler & Simon Mayer
Music: Piplotti Rist, Simon Mayer, Hannah Shakti Bühler
Light & Sound: Matthieu Vergez
Dramaturgical Advice: Karoline Maria Wibmer
Production: Lisa Anetsmann

A coproduction by Hessisches Staatsballetts as part of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, Goethe Institut Napoli, Kunstenwerkplaats vzw Brüssel, Art in Motion Wien. Supported by KÖRPER Centro di Produzione della Danza Napoli, Trance Science Institute/Corine Sombrun, Wirbelfest Sigharting, FIM Andorf/Martina Reitinger, The intimate Revolution, Skydancing Institute, Verein SPIEL, NiD Platform und Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. Funded by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst. Special thanks to VOC Sterc Delft. 

Photo: Fabian Stransky