Vanishing Place
Luna Cenere

Staatstheater Darmstadt – Kammerspiele

Sat. 11.11. I 9 pm


Duration: 60 min.
Tickets: 17 €/ reduced 9 €

Teaser (via Vimeo)

Vanishing to let the body speak. With her new work Vanishing Place, Luna Cenere creates a fascinating choreography that leads us to the essence of dance: to the relationship between the body, space and movement. It transforms the human body into a landscape and its nakedness into the indispensable feature that carries it through time and space. "What is the body on stage? I wanted it to be something other, something that isn’t an anthropomorphic body, but a collective memory, a suggestion for the audience, an element of the landscape in which everyone can see something. The naked body can also become abstract, especially when the front-on relationship with the spectator is removed. If the face and genitals can be made to vanish, then the personality is expressed," says Luna Cenere. 

Since her first creation, the solo Kokoro (2017), Luna Cenere has been inspired by Yoshi Oida and Lorna Marshall’s book ‘The Invisible Actor’ and by the long-term associate of Peter Brook working practice, making the actor "vanish" so that the performance can appear. Luna Cenere continues this process in ‘Vanishing Place’, a work about revealing and concealing.

Choreography & Concept: Luna Cenere
Performance: Marina Bertoni, Francesca La Stella, Ilaria Quaglia, Davide Tagliavini, Luca Zanni
Music: Renato Grieco
Light Design: Giulia Broggi
Space: Raffaele di Florio
Management & Distribution: Körper | Domenico Garofalo

A Production by La Biennale di Venezia, Körper | Centro Nazionale di produzione della Danza, Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale, Hessisches Staatsballett, Agora de la danse – résidences de création croisées en danse entre l’Italie et le Québec with CINARS and NID Platform, Oriente Occidente, MIC – Direzione Generale Spettacolo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Colonia and Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Montreal. Realized in the frame of Residenze coreografiche Lavanderia a Vapore and thanks to the residency at FABBRICA EUROPA / PARC Performing Arts Research Centre. Thanks to NID Italian Dance Platform_ progetto residenze internazionali.

Photo: Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia - ph. Andrea Avezzù