Rui Horta 

Sat. 4.11. I 10 am–1 pm I Frankfurt LAB 
Language: In German & English
Participation: 15 €

Rui Horta, whose practice also includes lighting and stage design as well as opera direction, is regarded as one of the most influential choreographers of his generation. In addition to works for professional dancers, he has repeatedly devised productions with people who are not professional dancers but are able to contribute a variety of other qualities and inspire Horta to reinterpret what choreography means. This three-hour workshop invites participants to learn more about Rui Horta and his method of working, and perhaps to discover some hidden talents.   

This is a dynamic workshop suitable for both amateurs and young professionals. Explore movement phrases, vocal expression, improvisation, and gain insights into Rui Horta's creative process. No professional and previous experience required.
Please wear comfortable clothes. 

Photo: Salar Baygan