Fri 3.11. I 19-21 h I Staatstheater Darmstadt - Ballettsaal 
Language: In German 
Participation: 14 €

Sebastian Weber has established tap dance as part of German contemporary dance. He makes a guest appearance at this year’s Tanzfestival Rhein-Main with a highly personal solo The Long Run. In the workshop GROOVES + MOVES the choreographer invites participants with no previous experience to feel the thrill of tap dancing. Using a few simple steps, we can feel the effect of beats and off-beats, harness the ancient power of rhythm and movement and find a special balance of concentration and flow, of connection and individuality. The workshop will also convey key concepts of the tap dancing tradition, such as the role of “time steps” and its close affinity with jazz. 

This workshop is ideal for people who enjoy movement and want to feel for themselves what it is like to use their own bodies to generate rhythm and synchronise themselves with others. 

No previous tap dancing experience necessary. Please bring leather-soled shoes with you. In German.